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Varsity Jackets

Shop premium quality cotton fleece varsity jackets. 300 GSM top quality cotton fleece jackets for men and women. Available in unisex XS-6XL sizes. Buy blank or design your own fleece jacket online.

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Blank Letterman Jackets

Do you want to show off your unique style and personality? Varsity and letterman jackets are not just for athletes anymore. Now, anyone can wear these cool jackets to express themselves. With a varsity jacket you can choose how it looks and feels. This guide will help you pick the best materials, add your own designs and take care of your jacket so it's as special as you are.

Versatility and Customization:  Easily adaptable to different styles and needs, these jackets can be embroidered with logos, initials or even fully themed designs tailored to personal preferences or team requirements.

Who buy Clothoo made jackets?:

  1. High school and college students showcasing school spirit.

  2. Graduating seniors (Classes of 2025, 2026 and 2027) creating memorable keepsakes.

  3. Sports teams including baseball, football and soccer teams aiming for a unified team look.

  4. Cheerleading squads and clubs enhancing team morale with vibrant, customized apparel.

  5. Corporate entities and small businesses utilizing jackets for their branding and slogans to showcase their best in business services.

Choosing the Right Material

The material of your letterman jacket affects not only its look and feel but also its functionality and comfort.

Overview of Materials:

  • Melton Wool: Warm and durable, perfect for traditionalists.

  • Leather (Full-grain cowhide and sheep): Premium in look and feel, offering enhanced durability.

  • Faux or Vinyl Leather: An affordable and vegan-friendly alternative.

  • Cotton Twill and Fleece: Casual and light, ideal for milder weather.

  • Polyester Satin: Smooth and glossy, adding a touch of luxury.

Additional Features:

  • Linings: Options include quilted, cotton and satin to suit various climates and preferences.

  • Closures: Choose between metal snaps or a YKK full zipper depending on your style needs.

  • Pockets: Functional designs typically feature two front pockets and one inside pocket for practicality.

Material Benefits:

  • Wool and Leather: Provide warmth, traditional appeal and durability.

  • Faux Leather:Offers a cost-effective and ethical alternative.

  • Cotton and Polyester: Light and versatile, perfect for less severe weather.

Advice for Selection: 

When selecting materials, consider the climate, the jacket's intended use, your personal style preferences and budget. These factors will help guide you to the best material choice for your needs.

Design A Jacket Online

Clothoo offer premium range of quality materials to design your own blank letter jacket. Select your choice of materials, colors and size. There is no minimum on custom jackets.

Design Options: Utilize available colors, patches, embroidery and more to design your own jacket.

Creative Inspiration:

  • Sports Achievements: Ideal for showcasing team logos or mascots.

  • School Insignia: Perfect for featuring school symbols or important years.

  • Corporate Logos: Enhance brand visibility with professional, polished designs.

  • Your Artwork: Add monograms, names or bespoke graphics.

  • Practical Tips: Balance is key in design. Pick materials and colors thoughtfully to maintain aesthetics and ensure that your jacket stands out for the right reasons.

Maintenance and Care

Proper care is essential to keep your jacket looking great.

  • General Care Tips: Cleaning methods vary—leather should be spot cleaned and conditioned, wool jackets require dry cleaning, while cotton and polyester may be machine washed.

  • Seasonal Care: Adjust care practices with seasonal changes, particularly if your jacket has a leather sleeves.

  • Common Issues: Instantly addressing minor wear and tear such as loose threads or fading ensures your jacket remains in perfect condition.

A letterman jacket is more than just an article of clothing—it's a reflection of your personality and values. With the right choice of materials, custom designs and proper care, your jacket will serve as a statement piece for years to come.

At Clothoo we produce awesome letter jackets. We use high quality virgin wool and genuine leather for letterman jackets. Every year we make letterman style jackets for students, teams, clubs, clothing lines and individuals . Use our online jacket builder to design your own varsity jacket. 

Our state of the art jacket builder lets you design your own dream jacket in couple of minutes. Select materials, jacket cut and colors. Add your name, letterman patch and logo. Ready to buy a jacket or planning to design your own? 

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