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Custom letterman jackets for any occasion are our specialty. Whether you're looking to create a highly personalized varsity jacket or just need one made, Clothoo is here with fast turnaround and affordable prices that will meet all of your needs! We offer custom designs as well so no matter what type event it may be--corporate meeting in Texas? High school football game up North?!

Design your varsity jacket using online Jacket Designer. Design your own varsity letterman jacket with customized colors on collar, cuff and quilted lining. There are plenty of options to customize a varsity letterman jacket. Select your own choice of materials and colors. Add custom varsity letters, your high school name, numbers, badges & mascots.

There is no minimum, get your personalized letterman jacket in quickest turnaround time within 2-3 weeks. Get Free Shipping on bulk orders.

Why choose Clothoo?

The classic varsity jacket also known as jock jacket has been a wardrobe staple for years and continues to be trendy no matter what the latest trends in fashion are. Made from high-quality fabrics, these jackets come with Clothoo's signature customizability features that let you personalize them just how YOU want!

With such an extensive history dating back half way across this century (the 60s actually), there isn't much else like it out on shelves right now - so if your school’s colors reflect something unique then don't hesitate; get yourself one before they're gone again.

With a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, you're sure not going be disappointed in your new Clothoo varsity jacket. This jacket is perfect for any occasion - casual wear or physical activities like sports! It's also an excellent addition if it will soon become part of your public wardrobe as well; we've got everything here at high quality that'll fit just right (and look good!).

Letterman jacket for any event?

With our custom jackets, you can be the trendsetter in your community by rocking with a personalized design that reflects who YOU really are! Choose from limitless color options as well as customizable features like patches and logos to make sure we capture only what matters most about YOU.

Athlete or corporate event? Wedding ceremony attire required here--no eviction notice will ever suffice when it comes down right now picking out exactly where things stand between us: on top of everything else.

The high-quality garments crafted from fine Melton wool coupled with authentic cowhide leather ensures nothing falls short when looking professional no matter where adventure takes us next!

What is a letterman jacket?

Letterman jackets, or simply “lettermans” as they are often called in North America can be found at most high school sporting events where the teams play each other. The name comes from their signature style; it features an embroidered logo on either side of a horizontally-striped background with trimming around both ends and 2 vertical lines across top (the look varies by manufacturer). This garment has become iconic for sports fanatics everywhere because its design makes them easily recognizable among fans who may not know exactly what team any particular person supports!

The letterman jacket is a classic that never goes out of style. The best way to wear one? Wear it like an outer garment, over anything else you're wearing on top and bottom layers for extra warmth or just because they make great patterns!

A varsity jacket design is a great way to show your school spirit. But what should you wear with it? The traditional choice for this type of apparel are sportcoats or denim overalls, but there's so much more than those two items!

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Customer Reviews

Best quality custom varsity jacket and quick turnaround. I love their quality and price. Clothoo is the best!
Melo Luminus MG
United States
Clothoo Reviews
Highly recommend for custom letter jacket. I designed letterman jacket online and within 3 weeks I received the jacket. I love the embroidery details....
Torrence Hatch
United States
Clothoo Reviews
Great customer service and high quality varsity jacket. They showed us photos prior to ship. It looked awesome in pictures and my daughter loved her g...
Connie Mueller
United States
Clothoo Reviews
great jacket! were very happy with the jacket! thanks again😄☺
Christina Brignardello
United States
Clothoo Reviews
Good Quality
Juan Diego Garcia
United States
Clothoo Reviews
Not only does the hoodie fit perfectly and is now a quality part of my wardrobe, but they gave me the best customer experience I've ever received. I n...
Alex Martin
United States
Clothoo Reviews
My uncle bought me and my sister from here and we love them! Got the school colors right and it looks and also feels perfect thank you
Drew Weaver
United States
Clothoo Reviews
The jackets are even better then I expected! Beautiful product and very professional. Shipping was quick. I will be using them again for my future jac...
Cassidy Gow
United States
Clothoo Reviews