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Key Features of Retro Style Letterman Jackets

Retro jackets designed to meet rough and tough usage and meet fashion requirements. Body and sleeves are made of virgin wool and top grain leather sleeves. We also offer sailor collar varsity jackets in wool and top grain leather sleeves. Custom jackets with sailor collars can be customized with school embroideries and custom emblems.

Retro style letterman jacket usually refers to a varsity jacket that includes design elements and styles that are popular of the past decades. Particularly the 1950s through the 1980s. These jackets show the classic aesthetic of American high school and college culture from those times, making them not only a piece of outerwear but also a nostalgic statement.

Classic Colors and Patterns:

Retro style letterman jackets often feature traditional colors that were popular in the mid-20th century, such as classic navy, old-school burgundy and vintage cream or white. The patterns are straightforward with single-color wool bodies and contrasting leather sleeves or they might include stripes on the ribbing at the collar, cuffs and hem that reflect the popular styles of the era.


They are usually made from the materials of wool for the body and genuine leather for the sleeves. The choice of these materials not only provides warmth and comfort but also adds to the jacket’s authentic vintage appeal. As these were the predominant materials used in the past before the introduction of synthetic fibers.

Letter Patches:

One of the most iconic features of a retro letterman jacket is the large letter patch sewn on the left chest. This letter usually represents the high school or college the wearer attended. These patches not just add style but were traditionally awarded to students who reached a certain level of achievement in the sports.


Additional embellishments might include custom embroidery, such as the school’s name, student’s graduation year or logos associated with the school’s and teams. Retro jackets often feature more elaborate and decorative patches compared to the more minimalist styles seen in modern designs.

Fit and Cut:

The fit of retro style jackets is generally less fitted than modern varieties, reflecting the looser styles that were popular in earlier decades. They feature a boxy cut, which makes them comfortable for wearing over bulky sweaters and hoodies.

Note: At Clothoo we have carried the style but with our retro letterman jackets comes in modern fitting.

Pop Culture Influence:

Retro varsity jackets also draw heavy influence from pop culture. Particularly films and television shows that featured high school and college settings during the 1950s to 1980s. Characters wearing letterman jackets were often portrayed as quintessential American youths, embodying school spirit and teen culture.

Why Choose a Retro Style Letterman Jacket?

Choosing a retro-style letterman jacket can be a way to connect with history and tradition while still enjoying a piece of timeless fashion.

These jackets: 

  • Celebrate tradition and nostalgia, evoking memories of classic high school and college days. 
  • Are versatile pieces of fashion that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 
  • Provide a unique and personalized look, especially when custom patches and embroidery are added. 

Whether you are an alumnus wanting to recapture your school days. A student seeking to make a style statement or simply someone who appreciates vintage fashion. A retro style letterman jacket offers both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. It’s a way to own a piece of history while showcasing personal achievements and affiliations in a style that never really goes out of fashion.