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How to Design

Get started with our Design Lab and select from a wide range of products that are on offer. From custom varsity jackets, reversible hoodies, bombers jackets to track jackets, pullovers, and satin jackets – you just have to choose & customize!

Feed in the fabric, collar designs, sleeves, colors of each zone as well as zip or button preferences. Provide for your size and measurements too to get the best fit! Alternatively, you can choose to just feed in your size details to personalize the already existing designs offered by us.

Take help of amazing custom options from our design lab to create your own style!


Embroidery is a thread art which is engraved on the fabric to decorate it with a pattern. For this we make use of techniques like designing the name/artwork/logo on a embroidery design application tool and then transfer the design on the fabric through an embroidery machine. This may take up several hours to complete but gives a resplendent finish. To make the embroidery more appealing we make use of different fabrics that suits the fabric you chose. Embroidery styling is most suitable for small artwork, transparent fabrics, and even for engraving script style names. Have an eye on how it looks!

Felt Patches

Very much in trend currently, the Patch work or patches have a raised feel to it with a fuzzy appearance and cut according to the shape of the design. Mostly used on the letterman jackets, these work best of sport teams, mascots, clubs and more. Patches for letterman jackets have two layers to combine embroidery, chenille layer or even name inscribed to combine with it. These are most suitable to be put on the chest or on the sleeves. Here are some examples to take inspiration from!

Sublimation Printing

For special fabrics like satin, cotton, and cotton twill, the art of printing designs is done through sublimation. This is the process which involves dyeing of a design from one on the paper to the cloth straight through a sublimation printer. The solid design is printed in gaseous state and not converted into liquid – thus providing for a better finish and matte finish! This is done for more than one orders. Have a look!