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A university jacket is more than just something you wear. It shows how proud you are of your school and all the fun times you have there. Whether you're cheering at a game, going to class or just hanging out with friends! Wearing your academic coat helps you show your school spirit in a cool way.

Clothoo has lots of different jackets that you can change to match your school colors. This way, you can show off your school pride and still feel connected to your school, no matter where you go.

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Who Should Wear Varsity Jackets?

  • Current Students: Show your school pride and spirit during games, special events or everyday campus life.
  • Alumni: Keep the memory of your college days alive and showcase your lifelong connection to your alma mater.
  • Sports Fans: Support your favorite college team in style at games or around town.
  • Future Students: Get ready for your college journey with a coat that says you belong.
  • Event Organizers: Order customized jackets for college events to foster a sense of community and team spirit.

Celebrated American Institues and Their Iconic Colors

  • Harvard University: Harvard University letterman jackets are available in cardinal / dark maroon body and white sleeves. Made of high-quality materials such as 24 oz melton wool and genuine cowhide leather. They are available through Clothoo, where you can also personalize the coat to your specifications. For more details or to customize your own, you can visit Clothoo’s Harvard University Varsity Jackets page.
  • UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles): University of California, Los Angeles wear to show their school pride. Jackets are made in royal blue wool body and beige color leather sleeves. Sometimes, the jackets also have special patches that might show the school's logo or symbols that are important to the school. Students wear these jackets to school games, events and even around campus to show they're proud to be part of UCLA.
  • University of Michigan: University of Michigan letterman jackets are popular among students and fans. They proudly display the school's colors, yellow and navy blue, which are vibrant and eye-catching. Made from high-quality wool and leather sleeves for a stylish touch The jackets might have patches or embroidery that shows university’s sports teams and academic achievements. If you're interested in getting one of these iconic jackets, you can customize and order your own on Clothoo’s website. Check them out here to show your Michigan spirit!
  • University of Texas at Austin: The letterman jackets are available in orange and white colors. Made from top quality wool body and genuine leather sleeves. Features Texas Longhorn logo and various patches on the coat. Customize your own jacket using our jacket builder.
  • Penn State (Pennsylvania State University): Pennsylvania State University letterman jackets are a big part of that tradition. These jackets typically come in navy blue and white. Which are the school's official colors. They are made from wool body and leather sleeves.

Students wear these jackets to show their pride in Penn State at games, school events and around campus. For more details on these jackets, you can visit our coat designer page.

Customizing Your Own at Clothoo

  • Personalizing Your Varsity Jackets: Customizing a varsity coat at Clothoo is easy and fun. You can choose your colors, add patches and even embroider your graduation year or name. This makes the coat uniquely yours and a great way to remember your college days.
  • Designing a Bomber Jacket: If you prefer a trendier look, customize a bomber jacket in your school colors. Bomber jackets are stylish and versatile, making them perfect for both game days and everyday wear.
  • Cozy Hoodies and Sweatshirts: For those chilly days or relaxed study sessions, Clothoo’s hoodies and sweatshirts are perfect. They come in various colors, including those of your college, so you can stay warm and cozy without sacrificing style.
  • Classic Letterman Jackets: For a more traditional look, design a letterman jacket with your achievements. You can add sports letters, academic medals or club patches to celebrate your personal accomplishments.

Why Clothoo Stands Out

Clothoo isn't just about selling jackets; it's about creating memories. Here’s why choosing Clothoo for your jacket is a smart decision:

  1. Quality Materials: Every jacket is made with top quality materials for comfort and durability.
  2. Design Options: With Clothoo’s wide range of design options, your jacket will be one of a kind.
  3. Inclusive Sizing: Clothoo offers Adult Unisex sizes from XS to 6XL, with options for taller individuals, ensuring that everyone can find a perfect fit.

Understanding Sizing: Men, Women and Unisex

  • Men's Jackets: Typically designed with broader shoulders and longer torsos for a comfortable fit.
  • Women's Jackets: Often tailored at the waist and shorter in length to flatter the figure.
  • Unisex Jackets: We at Clothoo only offer Adult Unisex Sizing. Made to fit all body types comfortably, ideal for group orders or gifts.

Whether you're a student, alum or a proud supporter of your college team, a jacket from Clothoo is a fantastic way to show your spirit and keep the college memories alive. With customizable options, everyone can find or create a jacket that fits their style and size. Don't wait to celebrate your school spirit—visit Clothoo today to design your perfect jacket. Remember, wearing your varsity letterman jacket is not just about showing off—it's about belonging.

Explore Clothoo’s size chart and design page to start creating a jacket that celebrates your college journey!