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Wholesale Varsity Jackets

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Are you ready to step up your style game? Clothoo offers top-notch quality and craftsmanship in every customized jacket, no matter the quantity you buy. Whether you're a high school graduating senior or a brand owner, our jackets are perfect for making a statement.

Every year, we produce thousands of customized varsity letterman jackets, bomber jackets, hoodies and coat jackets. Our state of the art production facility and expert team will meet all your creative requirements. We offer top quality materials like melton wool, cowhide leather, sheep leather, faux leather, cotton fleece and cotton twill. Get the cost and time estimate for your next custom jacket order that suits your budget and style.

We offer all type of customizations options such as: embroidered patches, chenille patches, custom embroidery and unique color combinations. We will work closely to ensure that bulk order turns out as you expected.

We understand the importance of deadlines! Our team is committed to delivering your jackets on time, every time. Whether you're ordering for a senior class or launching your own brand, Clothoo has you covered.

Quotation: Fill out the form below and explain your ideas or requirements. Our sales team will get back to you with accurate time and cost estimate. Elevate your style journey with Clothoo today!

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Fast Turnaround

We deliver all wholesale orders within 2-3 weeeks depending on the quantity. Get in touch for exact delivery date.

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We provide high quality garment photos upon completion of your order. No surprises on arrival.

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Ask us anything, anytime. Our friendly support team will answer all your quesitons.

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FAQs - Get Free Quote?

Do your jackets run small?

No, our jackets do not run small; they are true to size. Please refer to our sizing chart page for accurate jacket measurements.

How can I make the payment for wholesale order?

For bulk and wholesale orders we require payment in our company account. 

Note: For bulk and wholesale orders we require payment in the company's official bank account. We have to prepare export documents, wire proof and custom documents to export bulk and wholesale quantity orders. Receiver country’s customs department may ask to present proof of payment and you can present your receipt of the wire.

How can we get fabric swatches?

Please get in touch with our sales team and pay the shipping charges. Within 1-2 days they will ship your fabric swatches and provide a tracking code. You can also request Pantone code for a perticular fabric shade and then review Pantone code on your end to save time and costs.

How do I customize more than one jacket?

Please use our online jacket builder to create one or more jackets. Click on the plus sign and create a copy of the design and then modify.

how to customize varsity jacket for team and groups

How do I make sure I am getting quality jackets for my clothing brand?

Order one jacket and try our sizing and check the quality. We believe in quality and if you succeed you will get back to us with more business. We encourage small companies and online clothing labels to add more variety. We have helped thousands of brands to get high quality letterman jackets on time.

Do you offer sizing samples?

All of our varsity jackets are true to size and we have an accurate sizing chart. Our jackets do not run small. However you can request a size sample before making any purchase. $50 will be charged and we can dispatch any in-stock jacket sizing purpose.

What is the minimum order for wholesale pricing?

Wholesale pricing starts at a minimum order of 10 jackets, making it ideal for team and school orders.

How to design varsity letterman jacket online?

Jacket Designer:

  • We offer easy to use online jacket maker to create your own custom varsity letterman jacket.
  • It allows you to select your preferred materials, colors options to achieve your desired style. Design your own jacket with custom options and 24 oz virgin wool to match your team and school spirit.
  • You can customize every single element of the jacket, including the front closure and collar types. Add custom patches, letters, logos or upload your artwork.
  • The online builder simplifies the design experience. It allows you create and adjust your garment in real time.

Jacket Materials:

  • We offer top quality melton virgin wool, cowhide leather sleeves for classic varsity jacket. You can see all the options and pick what you like best. Browse our fabrics / colors page for more information.
  • We also offer materials like melton wool, sheep leather, faux leather, cotton twill, cotton fleece and polyester satin make letter jackets. At Clothoo, we always use quality materials and maintain our stocks to keep the quality consistent.

Jacket Colors:

  • Our main materials such as wool and leathers are available in 30+ shades.
  • Traditional varsity jackets often featured a design with two contrasting color material, reflecting the spirit and identity of the school.
  • varsity jackets today come in a wider range of colors, but it's still best to choose school team colors carefully.

Collar Styles:

  • Classic knit collar or standup collar often used in classic letterman style jacket.
  • The Byron collar is a popular choice for those looking for professional appearance.
  • The sailor collar offers a more casual and distinct style, often preferred for its unique flair.
  • Use the hood for extra comfort and warmth.

Knit Trim Selections:

  • Knit trim comes in a variety of colors. This includes standard options as well as special colors such as burnt orange, cardinal and old gold.
  • Customers can choose from various knit styles for the jacket's waist and wristbands. These options include plain, single line, single line with border, two lines and two lines with border.

Lining Choices:

  • Choosing the right lining can significantly enhance comfort and functionality.
  • You have the option to choose from quilted lining, polyester satin or cotton.
  • Quilted lining provides extra warmth, polyester satin offers silky touch and cotton is comfortable with less bulk.

Can I request my private label on a single jacket?

We offer private labels for wholesale orders only. If you wish to have a private label on single jacket order you can pay label production charges and we can attach your labels.

Do you ship to all countries?

We cover almost entire world. We ship worldwide except Russia, Israel and Africa.

Can we order patches only?

Yes, we can produce large number of pathces including, embroidred, felt and chenille patches. Please get in touch with our sales team for further discussion.

Can you print photos on the jackets?

Yes, we can print high resolution photo or illustration and attach it to the jacket as sewn on patch.

Satin sublimated jackets will have direct print on the fabric.Note: Complex artwork or artwork with too many colors and gredients are impossible to embroider. We will do sublimation print and then attach as patch. If you have complex artwork get in touch with our support team prior to order. Here is an example of what can be embroidery and what can be print.

embroidery vs print example

Do you offer custom colors than listed?

  1. For satin jackets, we can achieve any shade with SUBLIMATION PRINTING TECHNIQUE.
  2. Melton Wool, Cotton Fleece, Cotton Twill: if you have 100+ jackets we can produce custom wool, cotton fleece and cotton twill colors for varsity jackets and hoodies.
  3. Cowhide Leather and Sheep Leather: If you order 25 jackets with leather sleeves, we can produce custom leather color.

Do you offer chenille patches?

At this moment, we do chenille patches for bulk orders only. For singel jacket orders we can only proudce felt patches and embroidered patches.

Do you offer discounts on group orders?

Yes, we offer discounts on group orders. Fill out our bulk order form and our sales team will get back to you with cost and time estimates.

Customer Reviews

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Torrence Hatch
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Connie Mueller
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great jacket! were very happy with the jacket! thanks again😄☺
Christina Brignardello
United States
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Good Quality
Juan Diego Garcia
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Not only does the hoodie fit perfectly and is now a quality part of my wardrobe, but they gave me the best customer experience I've ever received. I n...
Alex Martin
United States
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My uncle bought me and my sister from here and we love them! Got the school colors right and it looks and also feels perfect thank you
Drew Weaver
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The jackets are even better then I expected! Beautiful product and very professional. Shipping was quick. I will be using them again for my future jac...
Cassidy Gow
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