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What is Letterman Jacket with Hood?

The melton wool and genuine cowhide leather sleeves hooded varsity letterman jacket stands as an ideal alternative to the classic letterman jackets and fleece hoodies. Historically the designs linked to high schools and colleges sports.

Clothoo is proud to craft high-quality letterman hoodies. This iconic piece of attire has moved beyond its scholarly roots to become a must-have for trendsetters around the globe. Let's explore the realm of quality wool and leather varsity jackets equipped with hoods.

The Classic Blend of Wool and Leather

The combination of wool and top quality full-grain cowhide leather delivers supreme comfort. With an unmatched and perfect mix of fashion and practicality, this is a must have wardrobe garment.

The wool and leather varsity jacket with hood comes in vibrant shades such as royal blue, black and red and more. With option to select from 30+ colors in wool and leather sleeves, Clothoo makes it easy to create one of its kind garment experience. These hooded jackets blend the cozy wool, a hood with soft cotton fleece lining and leather sleeves.

Front Closure and Pockets

The blend of wool and premium full-grain cowhide leather ensures ultimate comfort. Undoubtedly this jacket is an essential wardrobe piece. It stands out for its perfect balance of style and functionality. Available in vibrant colors like royal blue, black, red, athletic gold and more.

Clothoo offers over 30+ color options for adding both wool and leather sleeves, making it simple to design a unique garment. These hooded jackets have woolen hood with cotton fleece lining for extra comfort.

Knit and Inside Lining

The attention to detail extends to the knit elements as well. The knitted cuff, waistband and collar not only enhance the jacket's aesthetic appeal. High quality knit ensuring that the jacket adapts over time to your body shape while keeping the cold out.

This jacket has inside lining made of polyester fabric with Dacron fillers inside. Laser stitched lining keeps you warm in heavy winters.

Who Wears Letterman Jackets with Hood?

Varsity jackets with hood originally worn by athletes to show their individuality. The appeal of the letterman jacket with has broadened significantly. These jackets are popularamong sportsmen, students, travelers and fashionistas. These varsity jackets are good options for anyone who is looking for an alternate in street fashion garment.

Letterman jacket with hood give more room to play. You can have embroidered name on the front of hood too.

Customize Your Jacket Online

One of the most exciting aspect about the process of choosing a hooded varsity jacket is the opportunity to customize it online. Many retailers offer the option to buy the jacket blank but don't offer customization.

However we at Clothoo offer a canvas for personal expression. You will find you can customize every single thread of the jacket. From varsity hooded jacket colors to material, front closure, jacket lining: everything is customizable.

You can add name, your business initials, custom patches, logos and mascots. If you represents a company, add your company logo on the back of the jacket. Our experts will cut and sew everything and produce a unique varsity jackets with hood for you.

How to Make It Yours

Making a varsity jackets with hood truly yours involves a few simple steps: 

  1. Choose Your Colors: Start with selecting colors for the jacket. Choose from wide range of colors for jacket's body, sleeves, pockets and buttons. Make a combination that speaks about you.

  2. Select Your Size: Select your right size from our size chart page. We offer XS-6XL unisex sizing with option to pick tall sizes. 

  3. Customize: Use our online jacket builder to add custom names and initials to your jacket. Add custom patches and logos. We offer wide range of patches, embroidery and printing services. 

  4. Order: Once you're happy with your design, place your order and wait for your personalized jacket to arrive.

The letterman varsity jackets with hood is a rich blend of wool and leather. More than just a piece of outerwear. Whether you're a student looking to show off your school pride or a fashionista! The wool and leather varsity jackets with hood is an excellent choice. Design it to reflect your style. Be sure to have a piece that you'll treasure for years to come.